Pipeline Days of Action – Day One

Today is the first day of actions against the Keystone XL Pipeline (which would transport oil from Alberta to Texas). It’s expected that 1,500-2,000 will gather at the White House over the next weeks (August 20 – September 3); they’re asking that President Obama refuse to approve the deal. (Read more about what they’re asking for at 24 Hours From Jail by Bill McKibbon.)

Yes, it’s a long shot. (I can’t believe I’m still protesting this stuff.) Yes, it impacts me. (I live, work and breathe in Alberta.) Yes, we need to develop better alternatives to oil and be willing to use them. (Not all of us want to be martyrs for the cause.) es, I think that standing up and saying “not in my name” is one of the most empowering things a person can do. (How else does change happen?)

There’s a lot of great information about the pipeline and its impact – try Yes! Magazine’s continuing coverage, for example, or this article from TruthOut – and pictures from the protests are being posted at the flickr stream. Also, you can vote in today’s CBC’s poll – Are you in favour of the oilsands pipeline?.

Follow up to the last post…

Did you know that one of Canada’s leading scientists, Don MacIver was dropped from the climate change delegation? Jim Prentice (my “second-favourite” MP, y’all know who my “first-favourite” is, right?) says that it was a cost-cutting measure.

All this tries to make sense… but the article also says that MacIver’s costs were to be covered by the World Meteorological Organization”as part of his role as the chair of the organizing committee” and not by Canada. Now, MacIvor likely would have been drawing a salary during the conference, so I guess that money is better spent doing… something else that scientists do. Because we’d hate to have the scientists COMMUNICATING with one another as they try to get us out of this mess we’ve made.

Oh, yeah, it is the full moon…

How else could you explain the troll-full reactions to this article on Canada’s role at the UN Climate Change talks in Poland? Reactions like:
Canada stands proud, sovereign, free, and under God.

Harper has led Canada into a position of proud global leadership. In light of this new strength, we no longer need to be concerned with “disappointed” environmental socialists and those countries that adhere to a flawed global warming fear tactic!

Canada can unite free and proud on its own terms! God bless Canada.

Not that I’m Christian or anything, but wasn’t there something about Adam and stewardship in that Bible of yours?

Or this:

Do the foreigners pay tax here? No? Then what they think or say doesn’t mean JACK! The next time the decadent Europeans decide to have a war, we should stay home. Say, don’t they still owe us for winning WWII for them? What short memories these guys have. Must be all the wine and creamy sauces…

Mmmhmm. There must be a variation of Godwin’s Law here somewhere….

Oh, and Minister Prentice? When UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told you that Canada has played an important role “historically” in international affairs, I think you should take some time to reflect on what “historically” actually means and why it’s not necessarily a good thing.