All Things in Balance

All shall be well,
and all shall be well,
and all manner of things shall be well…
– Julian of Norwich

It is the first day of spring (aka Ostara) – and in Calgary, that means it’s snowing. The only flowers in sight are the indoor kind, and no dancing on the grass for this hippie witch tonight, but day and night are in perfect balance – well, that might be the only thing that ever is in my life. I’m the queen of imbalance, of trying to have it all right now – later is not my favourite word. But as I grow older and shed that which no longer works for my life, I am finding joy in the spaces in between, in the waiting, in the silence. I am navigating the pull of freelance work and the push of paying bills on time, the richness of laughter and the hollowness of tears, and I am becoming wiser for it.

SevenofDiscsA big chapter of my life is coming to an end at the turn of this wheel (Goddess willing and the creeks don’t rise – again) and by the next Sabbat I will have graduated with a shiny new masters’ degree. It’s something I always wanted for myself, and there’s satisfaction/sorrow in ending (balance!) mixed with the desire for what comes next. Like the Seven of Discs, I will rest and be content for now. Blessed Be!




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